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How to Set Up an Hewlett Packard Printer is Offline in Windows 10

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The HP printer problem occurs when multiple users update their system with Windows 10. Some users have complained about slowing down or viewing the printer offline. The HP printer error in the Windows 10 system limits the connection to the printer.
Although on different operating systems, the main printer problem is the driver configuration or problems. In this blog, we will teach you three ways to fix HP printer offline in Windows 10.
Here are the Steps on How to Restore Hewlett Packard Printer Offline in Windows 10: -
  • Type a control panel in the search field at the bottom of the Cortana popup window and tap Control Panel or the desktop app.
  • Find and tap the Devices or Printers link.
  • When the machine and printer windows are displayed.
  • Right-click the printer running on your computer and select View Printer from the shortcut list.
  • A window driver that runs the printer goes to the next screen.
  • Touch the printer that appears in the top right corner of the screen.
  • A drop-down menu will appear, see the Print option marked with pause, if so, uncheck the box.
  • To pause certain documents, right-click the documents in the printer driver to close the pause button.
  • Receive a printed copy now.
  • In the previous case, the printing operation was interrupted. Even if he cannot follow a track.
1) Reset the Printer Driver
Here are the steps on how to restore an HP printer offline in Windows 10 using a printer conversion driver:
  • Tap the Windows button and type system administrator, a similar touch that appears on the screen corresponding to Device Manager.
  • Find the Printer option in Device Manager and double-tap it.
  • Now you can see the name of your HP printer, double click it and select Delete.
  • In the Compliance checkbox, select the OK button.
  • After uninstallation, the printer cannot be found in the system administrator. Now go back to the Printer category and press the "Search for device changes" icon in the menu option.
  • Refers to Device Manager after the printers have returned.
2) Start the Spool Printing Service
  • Here are the steps on how to restore HP printer offline in Windows 10 via Print Spooler Start Service: -
  • Touch the start icon and the type of service.
  • Here you can see "Service Desktop Application", touch the best game.
  • In the service option, search for "Print Queue".
  • Right-click the print queue and select Properties from the list that appears on the screen.
  • Here you will see the option "Sources".
  • Tap the drop-down list for "Startup type, there are four options available in the list, select Automatic.
  • Under "Service status", tap the Start option.
  • Now wait a few minutes to run the service.
  • Finally, edit the command, tap Apply and the OK option.
3) Update the Driver Manually
Here are the steps to restore HP printer offline in Windows 10 by manually updating the device:
  • Right-click the Start icon and then select Device Manager from the list that appears on the screen.
  • Find and double-tap the printer category in the System Administrator Wizard.
  • The HP printer is placed here, then right-click it and select Update Driver.
  • On the next screen, tap the last option "Install driver manually.
  • Now tap on 'Let me choose from a list of available drivers on my computer'.
  • Finally, select the current version and tap Next.
  • Download and download the printer driver
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